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Niuka is dedicated to the craft & purveyance of adaptogenic tea formulas that help us to reconnect to our bodies, our minds, our environment, and to each other.

NIUKA's Nomadic Tea Lounge for events indoor, outdoor, formal, or feral.

Weddings | Office Parties | Holiday Parties |  Conferences | Festivals | Art Shows | Retreats |  Ceremonies | Birthdays

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Niuka's blended tea is such a lovely addition to my morning ritual of tea and slow-moving activities. Nourishing and perfectly balanced!


“Niuka has helped us with our aim to connect with and nurture our community. Not only do the wonderful adaptogenic teas taste great, we feel grateful to be able to serve them to our customers, knowing that their bodies and their wellbeing will be nourished.

Ashley, Fable Coffee Manager

The anti-inflammatory chai is the only tea my husband will drink! He's rather picky, but can't get enough of that blend. Thank you thank you!


We believe that tea is not only a healing medicine

it is a shared experience and solitary rite - a ceremony that encourages both community and self-reflection; acceptance and adaptation. It is the holistic combination of these experiences that NIUKA facilitates, through the offering of fine teas and special events.   

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“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”

 ― Lin Yutang


ancient botanicals found to help the body adapt to stress factors  from external influences and internal imbalance. Not uppers, not downers,  but EQUALIZERS; Their effects accomodate each individual's specific needs in  order to promote homeostasis - internal equilibrium for optimal health.

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